Editor input feedback

This is just a very minor thing that bothers me every day while using the editor (at least when using it on OSX, haven’t tried any other platform)

When I trigger an action that shows an input field (for example, the “Add Component” button shows a dropdown with a “Search Components” input field, or any other dropdown that shows and has a “Search” input field), the focus is not on the search components field. So every time I want to add a component, I click the button, then I need to click on the input field, then start typing.

It will be very helpful if the input field got focused automatically.

EDIT: I just realized this is actually a bug. If I press the button multiple times, I can see the caret showing inside the input field and then disappearing, and if I type very quickly on my keyboard just as I click on the button, a letter or two gets typed into the input field, then the focus is lost.

Hi Arcnor,

Thanks for the feedback, however, this has already been reported as a bug: UE-29024.