editor incredibly slow at everything


my specs arnt that great but ive been using ue4 since the beta tests and it seems to be getting much much much much slower every update.
so much so, that around 90% or more of development time is wasted waiting for the editor to do what its told.
double click a blueprint (0.1 seconds) wait for the blueprint to open (10-15 seconds)
another eg
write 3 lines of code (30 seconds maybe) wait to compile (up to 5 mins depending) wait for editor to open (another good couple of mins)
another eg
wire a node in the material editor (1 second) wait for shaders to compile (a minute or so)

i know that splashing out on a brand new super computer would probably cut down the times but unfortunately this isnt an option for me atm.
the game tests i make run fine with a decent framerate, everything to do with the editor just takes sooooooooo long.

other than just letting Epic know (not that they really care probably)
are there any tricks to speeding it up?
would there be a possibility of simply removing the bloat by hacking away at the source?
can i still use Rocket for making my game? the very last one ran super sweet.

are other people experiencing long waits for everything?
as it is, the editor is unusable and im leaning towards abandoning the engine altogether im sorry to say.


I may be in the minority here, as I have heard a few people have had performance issues relating to the release of v4.5. But me personally, Editor and ingame experience have both improved. My game got somewhere between a 10fps - 20fps increase in performance with just upgrading to v4.5. Compilation times are down to sub 30 sec for a small change. And general speed of the editor feels fluid. And unlike others, I havent personally experienced a crash with v4.5. Most of my issues originally were from using the v4.5 preview.


Intel Core i7 3820
32gb ram
NVIDIA Titan Black and AMD R9 290X
UE4 installation running on a SSD

Hi tegleg,

Are you experiencing a drop in editor performance with equivalent projects between versions (such as comparing the default Blueprint 3rd Person project) or is this with your personal project which may be growing in complexity every day?

We have been actively working on performance improvements since release, and strive to only see gains between updates. Lately, our primary focus has been on Slate performance improvements. If you ever find a particular case which performs worse after an update, when checked against a static test case, please let us know and we will work to correct it.

If you haven’t already, you may want to try adjusting the Engine Scalability Settings to see if that helps to improve performance.

I kinda agree with tegleg but to me it feels like a general experience and it’s hard to point the finger at something

but a few cases do come to mind, as lately I’ve been working with materials more than anything else.
first is when dragging a material connector, the lines lag behind the mouse significantly.
besides that, the connector dots get highlighted just by hovering over parts of it that outside of the dot itself. this instant (but wrong) visual feedback leads me to think I’ll make a connection when in fact what I end up doing is drag the material node. making complex materials that require connecting nodes in big amounts just piles up the frustration over making the same mistake over and over because of this wrong visual feedback

the other thing that really bothers me is about dragging a node connector into the empty space (which brings a context menu of possible nodes to create from it), the first time you do this it takes like 5 seconds, locking everything up and making me regret dropping the connector in the first place. it’s not a productivity killer but it feels slow especially coming from UE3 (instant windows context menu)
I believe the same thing happens for blueprints as well.

lastly, the editor takes quite a while to load. sometimes more than 3 minutes I would say (but I could stopwatch it), and my project has very little into it. but perhaps there’s not much to do about this one