Editor has switched ot MS Visual Studios

not sure what i did wrong.

my first project i was messing around with the engine. basic learning stuff. when i was done messing around i went to the documents folder and deleted the folder for the test project…

this has apparently messed up the editor. as now its wanting microsoft visual studios installed… and when i open up a new project it shows “opening unreal editor” then instead opens microsoft visual studios…

ive uninstalled the editor and reinstalled it… still doing the same thing… how do i get it back to the original editor??? and not VS?

this is what its launching.

when i uninstalled MS Visual Studios it says at the bottom.

(when i try to launch a new project)

No compiler was found. In order to use a C++ template, you must first install visual studio 2013. (with link to download)

when i install visual studios 2013… it launches that instead of the unreal editor.

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sorry if this isnt entirely correct, ive just jumped in for the first time and had the same problem.
I right clicked on the [your project name].uproject file, selected openwith, then selected unrealenginelauncher(default)

I then clicked on set as default. and it launched properly.