Editor hard locking as of 4.14.1?

as of the newest editor 4.14.1 randomly after hitting play on standalone, close standalone, editior is locked and never returns?

opened my project on 4.14 and it didn’t happen.

new bug?

Hi Duwayne.

I’m not aware of any other reports of this from other users. It might be unique to your machine or project, but please follow this How to Report a Bug guide so Epic staff can investigate.

Before that, I also suggest you make sure the situation reported here isn’t what you are running into:


EDIT: i managed to make it freeze first try, opened editor on 4.14.1, made new project with advanced vehicle template, hit play standalone. closed it, editor hard locked, nvidia share was enabled.

after disabling it, opened and closed standalone a few times without issues. so i think you are right. nvidia share hard locking standalone, that’s unfortunate because sometimes i stream to people that are helping me.

I will try to reproduce with a blank project and file a bug. however i turn my nvidia share on and off at random times and can say that isn’t the issue i am having (i do use the newest drivers and this happened on two different nvidia drivers w/ clean install both times), as the whole computer don’t hardlock just the editor

i open task manager kill it and reopen it like nothing happened.

and it only happens if you hit standalone, i can play in editor all day, hit standalone and it locks after you close the game, you can play for 10-20-30 minutes no issues, hit quit, editor locks. and it don’t happen 100% of the time.
around 25%.