Editor hangs when I click play or build


I’m a new user. Started learning Unreal Engine just over a month ago. So far unfortunately I’m having a really bad experience.

I’m not doing anything special or unusual. As you might expect from a new user I’m just playing around trying to understand how things work. Editor crashes almost every time I press play or build. Output log gets spammed with the following message:

LogContentStreaming: Error: ShadowMapTexture2D /Game/Landscapes/Maps/SubLevels/Landscape_x00_y-01_BuiltData.Landscape_x00_y-01_BuiltData:ShadowMapTexture2D_31 (PendingKill)

When I start seeing this error message in the output log editor slows down very badly and within seconds it becomes unresponsive. This is the point of no return, I can’t kill the Editor from task manager, I’m getting “access denied” and I had to reboot my computer.

I have reinstalled Win10 few times I even replaced my motherboard (I was suspecting it could be a hardware issue) but nothing helped. I really have spent more time trying to make UE4 work than I’ve spent time on actually learning it. I asked the same question in the forums and all I got was “oh I have the same issue and no idea how to fix it”.

I think something I have installed on my computer might be causing an issue, maybe bitdefender or something like that. Or maybe a driver/hardware issue.

Can someone please help me to troubleshoot?


I attached a log file here, it might be helpful.

PC Spec (just fyi):
Ryzen 9 3950x
64GB ram