Editor freezes when right clicking on certain assets

I’m having a strange issue where the editor freezes when I right click on certain assets. I have 5 thumbnails of png images that I can click on in the editor to open them up and inspect them in the editor, but if I try to right click on them the editor freezes for an indeterminate amount of time ( I’ve waited for over 10 minutes a few times) but finally abandoned that and I have been forced to close it every time. My co-worker can access these assets properly through the editor and right click on them (I’m trying to access these assets to use the reference viewer). I’ve deleted my Derived Data Cache and rebuilt the project in hopes to flush out any corrupt referencing but that didn’t seem to do it. Other folders appear fine and I can access other assets through the editor and use right click with no problems. As a work around I can click on the asset and use ALT-SHIFT-R to get the asset to view in the reference viewer - but I just can’t right click and bring up the action menu without it freezing. Anyone have any ideas?

I’ve found the resolution for this - but its worth noting if other people have a similar issue. Those assets had an absolute path onto our shared server that somehow my computer was not properly synced to. As such, whenever the editor needed to reference the absolute path it would get stuck trying to resolve the apparent mismatch with how my setup was linked to those images versus however the person who originally setup those pngs were linked to the server.

So long answer short - it seems that when you right-click in the editor something in the action menu has to do a check along the path back to the asset - so mismatches can cause a hang.

It would be great though if an Unreal Staff could confirm that Right-Clicking does indeed need to reference the full path to the asset.

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