Editor freezes when pressing play

I have a project that works just fine in the editor, however when I push play to editor the whole thing freezes. This happens when I play it in the editor or in a standalone. The only way to break out of this is to close it using Task Manager. I’m using the engine version 4.13.1 on Windows 10. This doesn’t happen with any other project in Unreal but when I transferred the assets over to a new project it carried the problem with it.

Hello zhegames,

I have a few questions for you so we can try to narrow down why this is happening.

  1. Could you provide the log file for one of the sessions of running this project where it froze? It may be able to tell us what is causing it to freeze
  2. Can you upload your dxdiag information, as it could be related to a graphic driver crash or something of the sort.
  3. Can you think of anything in particular that you did prior to this error happening that could be the cause?
  4. If you have multiple maps, have you tried starting PIE in another map to see if it’ll start without freezing? If not, try making a blank map. It could be related to the assets in the map or the level blueprint.

If you would like to try checking yourself, look through your blueprints (or code, if this is a C++ project) and try to make sure that you aren’t causing any infinite loops anywhere with your logic.

Ah, I found the problem. I had a component which, when it was created, spawned in an actor with the component that spawned it. It caused an infinite loop. If I started it in a different map the problem carried over because the default Game Mode I had also, eventually, ended up calling that component through the player character I had set up. Thanks for your help.

In my opinion (and in my project) it’s because of some cameras I’ve put to make Matinees/Sequencers blocking the Player view.
I’ve saved ( file) the original UE project folder, open again, deleted all Cams, Sequences, Matinee, and so on.
After that I was able to play the scene (Upper Menu Button : Play this level in the active editor level).
It’s maybe the cause of your issue.
Hope it can help.