Editor freezes when I do anything with blueprints


I have a brand new 1TB i7 surfacebook dxdiag attached I have installed unreal editor 4.13.1

I make a brand new empty project click try to create a new blueprint, it locks up. No crash report, I have to manually kill the program. Reopen editor click on create new actor add a blueprint to it, this time the blueprint opens but as soon as I try to add a component it freezes just like before. This happens every time, every project.

I can tumble the vierwport and play any of the test levels without any issues. It’s only when I try to do something involving blueprints it doselink text not like it.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling.
I have over 800gb of free space.
I have updated my graphics drivers to the latest versions.
I have a desktop PC that has lower specs than this laptop and runs the editor fine.

I can see that there are lots of unresolved issues reporting similar things so I know I am not alone in my frustration.

I would love to know what you suggest may be causing this issue.