Editor freezes constantly, help wanted

After long hours of trying to fix the editor from freezing up, I’m here asking for advice. And when I say freezing up, I mean to a point that I have to restart Windows or I just have the editor as my wallpaper. Task manager will not close it.

What makes it crash? Lately it is saving. That is annoying, because I can spend a good 15 to 30 minutes working on a landscape or a material, and then it won’t even save before it freezes up. It has happened loading assets or changing levels too.

I want to blame Windows 11. I don’t want to go back to Windows 10 either. I shouldn’t have to. But I do have older tech if indeed Ue4 cannot meet the challenges of the latest software and hardware. (is the 1080ti even considered too new?)

It may be a hobby, but I have a game to make. Any ideas?

Do you have 32 gb of ram?

For me it solved frequent crashing.

Okay. I’ve ordered another 16GB of memory. I hope this works.

I tried running in Windows 8 compatibility mode and that seems to have helped, but not cured the problem.

If you were on 16 GB you should notice a vast improvement now.