Editor Freeze


Have you ensured that your graphics card drivers are fully up-to-date? If so, could you please provide your dxdiag?

I got an Intel I7 4770K and an GTX 980 TI and 16gb RAM on Windows 10
Everytime now i grab a mesh in it freezes and wont work anymore

how do i provide that XD sorry im 18 and im learning it as a hobby :X

and I updated my driver today

link text

Go to your start menu, type in dxdiag, and then press the Save All Information button. Once you have this, attach the text file to your comment and I will be able to look at it.

Also, here is the link to grab your latest video card driver. Please go ahead and do this as well: Geforce Driver Results | NVIDIA

it only freezes and its getting inactive in the taskmanager.
Im running it without specal commands and i tried several version. 4.10. 4.9 and 4.8

also when i want to import a mesh that’s 100mb + big it freezes too

  • Are you getting a crash as well, or just a freeze?
  • Are you running the editor using any special commands?
  • What version of the engine are you running?

Could you explain exactly what you are doing when the freeze occurs? Does it occur when attempting to select/drag any mesh or only a specific mesh?

Is this occurring in a clean, blank project as well?

its occuring when i start to drag a mesh thats from the open world demo.
also when i want to import a mesh thats about 100 mb + it takes much longer then ever before and it freezes too also when i start to drag some mesh like that

Does the editor freeze indefinitely? If possible, attempt to import or drag the mesh that is causing the freeze and leave it for a few minutes. Let me know if the editor becomes responsive again. It could just be that the import of the mesh is taking a while because of the file size.

It seems that the issue you are having is related to a specific mesh or specific meshes. If you create a new project, are you able to drag in the default sphere and cube meshes without an issue?

it crashes immediatly and it freezes for ever i let it for about an hour and it doesn’t change anything

yes im able to drag them in but i have this problem for about 2 weeks. everything was fine before that

also all shaders compiling takes very long
i have to mention it wasn’t like that before

yeah but i built a level out of those assets and now they won’t load anymore can’ understand this

yeah but i built a level out of those lately and then i hadn’t these issues

yeah but i built a level out of those lately and then i hadn’t these issues.


The assets from the open world demo are expected to cause performance issues on machines with lower RAM. These assets are extremely high-quality and will take a significant amount of time to load, even over an hour or two. If you’re wanting to use those assets, you’ll have to exercise patience as they have even been known to take over an hour to load on machines with 32gb or more of RAM.

Have a great day