Editor freeze

My game froze last night while playing my game. First time its happened. Just wondering if any one knows what i might look at. Like what might be the 1st cause for this.
had to ctrl alt del and restart ue

Out of Memory, memory pool became empty, processor hang on one particular process, failure to allocate memory…the output log could show something about it. Use the Find function or a search for text by typing in terms, such as “memory pool”, “memory”, “failure”, “error”, etc.

Ok thanks!

Had a 2nd freeze. This is starting to become a common occurrence.
i looked at the resource manager. Cpu was 0 %.
memory was 30 % from ue. Gpu was 0 %

Odd. What CPU and GPU are they? Do you have the latest drivers? Are lots of other programs running while editor is?

My game has no reflections. No ray tracing. No physics. I don’t have huge complicated materials. No volume metric clouds. Shadows are set to 5000 not 20000 default. I really don’t have all the cool resource intensive processes in my game. So yes it looks kinda ugly. Only thing I can think of is i have a landscape material with about 20 layer materials. I know this isn’t recommended.
i N have only 1 groom on my players head in the game world. Ive never had any freezes before when I had a cloth hair. So im betting the groom is causing it!
ive also seen other people say in videos ive watched that the engine does freeze. But I never had it happen to me before.
my pc runs arc survival, resident evil, skyrim, and tomb raider and others easily with no problems!
And last point. I only had a music player playing music when I was running ue.
sorry for such a long reply. But im giving up on finding a solution to freezes.
i think it’s just something a user just has to deal with with ue.

Thanks for your help presto!

I’ve encountered freezing of the engine too. And numerous, sudden crashes…on the two different computers I’ve used it on. The landscape sounds more like the cause than the hair, although it could be a combination, or the hair may be it. It sounds as though you need to do deeper research about hair grooms and landscape layers. There’s a limit of 16 texture samplers in any material, so 20 layers is probably too much for one material. I don’t know what happens when the 16 texture limit is reached or higher, though I’ve seen a few different postings in the forum that describe the landscape rendering black, rendering the default grid material, and crashing. I bet freezing of the engine is another one. Music is resource intensive on computers, no matter what the graphics capabilities are of it, as I know from using FL Studio on my computer which is a 3.6 GHz processor and has gold audio components on the motherboard. It’s not the best system for music / audio possible, but it’s a high-end computer that has an RTX 2070 Super and 32 GB RAM. Try starting UE fresh from the Launcher, no other programs running except the usual background ones, and split that landscape material into 2 or 3 layered materials…checking that the texture sample limit is lower than 16 per material before testing.

Ill try lowering the amount of textures in my landscape material. I think i read that 6 is the recommended. But that seems like such a big limitation. I will also test my game for a while with no groom. Thank you!

Before we all get too busy.
Just want to say happy holidays to all you fellow ue creators! :slight_smile: