Editor freeze when right-clicking on or trying to use specific assets

This happens in particular with assets from the Open World Demo Collection (OWDC). On other blueprints, sometimes the Editor freezes for a couple of seconds, but doesn’t crash.
I wanted to migrate the affected assets in a small project to attach to this bug, but as soon as I right-click on them, the editor hangs and then freezes my pc, forcing me to restart it.

If you can, try adding the OWDC to a project to reproduce the bug. I did some testing and the issue seems to appear only on those assets. I’ve been using the Content Example project for a week now and, even being it a rather big project, it works smoothly.
With the OWDC in your project, try for example to go to KiteDemo/Environments/GroundTiles/GravelTile_01, then open or drag&drop the MI_GravelTile_01 material to the viewport or right-click on it. The editor crashes with any asset from this project, so it doesn’t actually make a difference which file you try.

This happened also in Preview 2, since I started trying the OWDC after that update, so I don’t know about previous versions.

I also looked for crash reports into the project folder, but the only log file is the one into the Saved/Logs folder, and it doesn’t seem to show anything wrong. Anyway, I have attached the log to this post in case it could be of any help.