Editor Freeze When Game Launched

I made changes and answered your response, and it can’t be due to hardware as the issue did not occur a few versions ago, and I have reinstalled Windows so that’s not the issue, and I have created new projects and just reimported assets then copied logic from the old blueprints to new ones, so it’s not a bug with my project.
Whatever is causing the issue, it is not on my end - so therefore it must be on yours.

Also get a freeze. Followed this guide: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/Android/GettingStarted/4/index.html
Different phone, same chipset: zte a2017g

So maybe it’s snapdragon 820 or we both use some older hardware, which is the reason why. I am on an ivy bridge i7.

Did you find a solution?