Editor extensions and plugins ??

Hey guys

letting people make their own tools in the engine is awesome and we have the source code to do some magic with it
but when it comes to sharing it and selling it on the market place it’s still very complicated process

I want to know what kind of limitations there are with plugins
can we add buttons to something like the material editor without modding the source ?

and I have a very cool idea of editor blueprints
it’s crazy how many things people can make to the editor

this is essential part to make this engine the best EVER !!
thank you EPIC for all the great work :smiley: !

Are you suggesting Editor blueprints would be a good thing? Because Blutilities are indeed a thing you can do, right now.

Oh, sorry I didn’t know that.
I hope we could see some fancy stuff out of it like the ability to create an editor window