Editor Extension Plugin - Create new button in blueprint editor toolbar

When I open an actor up in blueprint (any actor) or can be just AActor, how would I extend the editor to create a new tab (for the moment without functionality) or a new button that opens the tab in the blueprint editor when the editor opens?

I saw that just by creating the plugin you can do it on button click but how would you get that inside the actor blueprint instead of just floating nomad tab.

OK made some progress - If using pre-made “editor plugin” you need to do it like this:

FBlueprintEditorModule& BPEditorModule = FModuleManager::LoadModuleChecked<FBlueprintEditorModule>("Kismet");

	TSharedPtr<FExtender> ToolbarExtender = MakeShareable(new FExtender);

	ToolbarExtender->AddToolBarExtension("Settings", EExtensionHook::After, PluginCommands, FToolBarExtensionDelegate::CreateRaw(this, &FMyPluginModule::AddToolbarExtension));


It also needs

#include "BlueprintEditor.h" 

on the top

I’ve fixed the wording in initial question as what i really created with this was a button that opened a new tab (and not a new tab in the editor).