Editor Error: Warning no Assets to Check in

I’m using Perforce and began receiving the error “Editor Error Warning no Assets to Check in” after updating to 4.10.4. I do successfully connect using the P4 client (connect, sync, checkout, and upload) AND I can connect in the UE 4.10.4 engine (connect and check out only). When I try to submit to source is when I get this error.

I can still be productive by checking out the files I’m working on in the editor, saving them, exiting the editor, and uploading the new files via P4 client.

I’ve uninstalled both UE 4.10.4 and P4 and reinstalled them (UE 4.10.4 first and then P4).

I’ve updated UE before and never experienced anything like this.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

thanks in advance.

Anyone have an idea why this is happening?

I managed to resolve the matter by restructuring the Perforce depot to reduce the directory structure and removing much of what I added recently (no biggie). The ghost assets are gone, some duplicate assets were identified and deleted, and my Source control settings work properly again. Apparently I made my own mess.

I posting this resolution solely to help others who may run into this issue.