Editor downgrades project without consent

I have UE 4.7.4 installed and I have the source 4.7.6 downloaded and built. I created a c++ project using the 4.7.6 build and I accidentally tried to open it in 4.7.4. A prompt then popped up asking me if I wanted to try to downgrade the project to the previous version. So I X’d out of the prompt, expecting it to not attempt to downgrade the project. Instead, that action was taken as a confirmation and it attempted (and failed) to downgrade the project. This corrupted my solution so I can’t build the c++ project anymore.

It does not corrupt solution simply switching it to other version, kind of strange it does not build because stable releases don’t change API. You can easily switching back, by right click the uproject and select switch version and then regenerate project files

Maybe corrupt isn’t the right word, but it makes the project unbuildable. This does repair the build issue, but Xing out of a window counting as the confirmation option of a prompt in that window still seems like a bug.

I’m also still stuck with another issue where ctrl+F5 is unable to launch UE4.exe because it can’t find it now.

Hey Thundercleez-

When I created a project and closed the prompt it did not make the project unbuildable. However the issue of closing the prompt and still having the conversion take place is a bug that has been entered for investigation (UE-14503).