Editor doesn't recognize code classes. Compile in editor does nothing

I’ve been working happily in blueprint so far, however I need to add some code classes now.
I add a class with “Add code to project”, build and reopen the project (“Development Editor”, works fine, no errors), however the editor doesn’t seem to recognize the new class.

I also can’t seem to use compile in editor; clicking the button just doesn’t do anything at all.

Could anybody please help me troubleshoot?


Simply adding a class to your code doesn’t mean you can use it as a base for blueprint classes. You must add the Blueprintable ( UCLASS(Blueprintable) ) attribute to your class. Classes which are not marked as Blueprintable are pretty much inaccessible from the editor.

Thank you for your swift reply, but unfortunately adding Blueprintable does nothing.

Hmmm i never placed that flag on my classes and i can freely access it not only in editor but also can make them as parents for blueprints. For me its sound more like editor does not load his dll.

Well, the attribute is inherited along with the base class, so if you made a pawn or controller or something it’s already blueprintable. This looks like the most logical explanation to me, aside from bugs in the editor.

AActor has it so all actors are aka anything you can place in world

Try to right click uproject and generate Visual Studio file, in worse case you could create new c++ project and copy files (but not overwrite uproject file)

Yeah, for some reason “Generate Visual Studio Files” didn’t fix it, but deleting all of the source and generating it again from the editor worked.