editor doesn't open properly from Launcher

UE4 Editor wouldn’t launch properly. UE Launcher starts fine, but when I click on ‘Launch’ button top left corner, a really weird looking window opens up, see screenshot attached. Looks like it’s supposed to be UE4 Editor start screen, but unusable like this. Anyone an idea what’s going on?
I’m working on OSX 10.9.3, very latest release, only updated right before installing UE4.

Hey parrotjungle,

It sounds like your graphics card isn’t supported, as referenced in this post:

Can you tell us your system specs? I can take a look and see if that’s cause of problem. Thanks!

Yes, looks like a graphics card issue, my specs are as follows:

Mac Pro4.1, 2 x 2.26 Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Memory: 12GB
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT120 512MB

I think NVIDIA card you’re recommending on your website (GeForce 470 GTX) isn’t compatible with Macs as far as I can see?
I’ve also tried to update driver for my graphics card, this didn’t work either.

Any other idea what I could do to get UE4 working on my system?

GeForce GT 120 is under minimum requirements, it only supports OpenGL 3.3 and Mac drivers lack support for some required rendering features. 4.2 release should work around this, but we aren’t actively testing against this generation of GPU so performance may be low.

As for supported cards for older 's (5,1 & earlier, aluminium case): Apple supplied AMD 5**0 series cards, while technically under-spec, render correctly. For upgrades, EVGA released a Mac-edition of Nvidia 680 & Sapphire released a Mac-edition of AMD 7950 for . Both of those GPUs should run UE4 quite well.

many thanks for your help, I will look into those options in upgrading my system