Editor despawns character on large terrain

Hi everyone,

I’m creating an enormous game world with a team of 6 guys and I’m tasked with creating the landscape with many assets already complete but I ran into a problem.
My landscape is a heightmap of 4097x4097, SS 255x255 SpC at 1x1 with an overall resolution of 4336x4336, around 12Kmx12Km so it’s pretty big.

After moving for a distance my character suddenly despawns and I found a “clue” as to the culprit. I found that after it leave the invisible grid it despawns so I placed the character spawn outside of this grid and my character won’t spawn and my camera jumps under the map, it’s very frustrating and can’t find any info on this space limitation.


In this image you can clearly see my skydome, then the larger grid is my landscape and the smaller grid with the X&Y cross is the limiting grid that despawns when I leave it.

BTW this is a test Unreal Project I’m running, made from 3rd person blueprint and is vanilla UE4 starter content just for testing my landscapes.

Probably you somehow get under the KillZ height -> change it in the world properties :slight_smile:

Thanks but I tried that earlier, it is definitely X&Y based, once I leave the invisible grid boundaries it despawns me. Z position does not affect it


And a video


Disable “World Bounds Check” which can be found in World Settings. Currently world bounds are about 5km in UE4, so when pawns or physically simulated objects go beyond that limit they will be deactivated if “World Bounds Check” is enabled.

We going to increase current world bounds to at least 10km, actually I saw no problems with even 20km bounds. You can do it by yourself, if you have source code just change WORLD_MAX value to a bigger one and rebuild editor.

Oooh! Physics and everything worked fine out to those bounds?

Thanks for the heads up on the change, that’s good to know!

Yeah really, is this a thing now?

Nice, thanks ddvlost, sorted it and I’ll get right on editing the world_max.

It’s great how UE4 is going to support much larger worlds than before, can’t wait to see what other teams come up with! :smiley: