Editor Customisation

Something bothers me a little about the UE4 GUI. Its only minor. But is it possible to change the size of the buttons?

I mean the Save/Content/Build/Play buttons. Aswell as the buttons at the top of stuff like the material editor.

Cheers all

There should be an option (Use Small Toolbar Icons) to make them smaller in the Editor Preferences.

Or you can open Widget Reflector and adjust it to the way you like.

Widget size adjusted to 2.2:

Widget size adjusted to 0.7:

@ryanjon2040 off topic question: What is the setting for the stats in the menubar in the second picture?

Go to Editor Preferences, under the General section click on Miscellaneous, then “Show Frame Rate and Memory”.

I also recommend turning on “Use Less CPU when in Background” as well if you use multiple programs at the same time. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Much appreciated!

Thanks guys. Absolutely perfect!

I knew it’d be pretty straight forward!

Thanks again!