Editor crashs while rendering (Geforce 560ti)

When i switch to game mode (play) the hole Unreal Engine crashes. Sometime I need to the computer. Because this happens with some games and the cryengine too, I think it has something to do with my graphic card (nvidia geforce 560ti normal version).

I tried successfully the follwong workaround:
Download MSI Afterburner (be sure to download it from msi site)
Underclock your graphic card by reducing your core Clock form 900MHz to 800 MHz*
Hit the checkbox “apply overclocking on system start”
Be sure that MSI Afterburner start on next start up. Maybe you have to do some setting (click on settings button).

*I have heard, some other changings may have the same effect like increasing the voltage a little bit. But be careful, i have not tired it!!!

Because I think there are a lot of people out there having the same problem caused by there 560Ti, I a want to share this solution. If there is any one who could explain whats going on at the graphics card, please let me know.

Hi Zerlono,

Would you mind posting your dxdiag as well as the logs from your editor crashing? Does this occur on a blank project with the default map and no additional content? Thank you!

Hi Zerlono,

If you do happen to get the crash again, please post the logs so we can assist you further. For now I will mark this as answered for tracking purposes. Thank you and have a great day!

Since I have done the workaround it does not happend again.
Before, it seems to happen randomly, except “Effects Cave”. On Effects Cave it always crashs immediately after compiling the first couple of shaders. I also send a bug report by the Unreal Engine dialog while crashing with Effects Cave open.

Thx for quick response.
I love this engine.

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This exact same issue was present in Battlefield 3 and I used the same workaround.