Editor Crashing when Tip come out from the bottom right corner !

I’m using a new workstation to develop with UE4. But now the engine often crashes. I can hardly to continue my work now.
With my previous machine(which runs much slower) the engine runs all ok, rarely crash.
So maybe relate to my machine’s SPEC?
Here it is:

Some situations that may crash:

  1. Editor AutoSave
  2. Source Control, Check out Tip
  3. Compiling shaders
  4. Moving / Redocking the Panel

The Crash Reporter says:

This error have driven me crazy… Help pls.

The nvidia driver website give you access to Studio Drivers (SD) that appears to be a bit more advanced (v441.28) compared to your installation. Nice rig you got there tho. SLI won’t help you much in ue4 you might as well just remove that gpu, maybe it gives a better stability to the system.

Use stable unreal editor (eg use 4.23 for now and don’t try 4.24 just yet it’s preview only, sometimes crash).

In the epic launcher you can install Debug Symbols, that gives more info for devs where and why the error might occured.

Konflict, thank you for your advice, I will give it a try.
I even don’t know the Nvidia Studio driver untill you mentioned…

Disabling one Video card and now the engine works perfectly.