Editor crashing when opening montage

Branch: Binary
Build: 4.9.0-2672455+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.9

While following along with the 3rd person blueprint video tutorial (4.8), the editor is freezing while working on the animation montage. No logs or events are generated. It also crashes while trying to preview the game with this asset in it. I’ve attached the montage file, the other assets are set up exactly as in the tutorial videos.

System Specs:
Windows 8.1
Intel Xeon E5-2630
NVidia Quadro K620 GPU

Hi rkevingibson -

Thank you for your report. I was able to replicate this hang and have reported the bug as UE-21313. As we investigate a solution, I will keep you informed here.

Eric Ketchum

Great, thanks!

I seem to have the same problem, is there a work around for this?

If this is still being looked at, it seems that the crash is happening after changing one of the notifies montage tick type to Branching Point. Hope this helps.

I also have this problem still, I’m using Linux.

Yep exactly, when you have branching point montage types it will hang! In combination with the preview mode.

I was having this same problem, im not sure what fixed it, but idecided to save before playing the animation after putting in the second notify. Somehow it works now. Let me know if this has any effect.