Editor crashing when opening an specific level (.umap)

The issue is symply, when I open one of my levels (an specific asset) or i right-click on it the whole editor crashes and sows me this: Screenshot - 2c6406b773e5c8a6eaf617c4b50755fa - Gyazo

I’ll attach the log (in fact two logs, the first one if I open the level and the second one if I right click on it)

If I open the level
If I right-click on it

Oh, and i almost forgot, it also crashes if you play the game.

Hope someone could help me :),

Hi ,

  • Are you able to PIE if you remove the map from the project?
  • What assets do you have in the map?
  • Was this project upgraded from a previous version or was it created in 4.10?
  • Is this project c++ or blueprints?
  • Are you using the source version of the editor or the binary version from the launcher?


  • Yes

  • The basic set of lighting (directional light, atmospheric fog, sky sphere, sky light and the lightmass importance volume), some brushes, the player start, a trigger and one navmesh

  • I created the project a while ago, maybe 5 months ago, but it crashed yesterday despite of the fact that i have been using 4.10 since the day it was released

  • Is full Blueprints

  • I don’t understand this question. If you’re talking about whether I use the github version or not, I don’t use it, I downloaded the launcher through this webpage.

That is exactly what I meant and helps to eliminate a few potential problems! Try going to your launcher>Library>4.10 dropdown menu and press “verify”. This will check to see if any files in your editor are missing or damaged and repair/replace them. Additionally, are you able to open the map in a clean, blank project with no additional content or is it crashing there as well?

When I click on “Verify” it pumps an error and shows me this: Screenshot - fd71d695e0f771eaa30d8085dbf646fc - Gyazo which could be translated to “Select any open Unreal Engine and try again”. Regarding the level, it crashes
anyways even in a new project with nothing else into it.

Can you send me the .umap file?

Of course Level1

  • What is contained in the map file?
  • Do you have an older copy of the map on source control or as a backup that is not experiencing the same error?
  • Were any changes made to the map or an asset within the map before this crash started occurring?

Hi ,

We have not heard from you in several days. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information.