Editor Crashing when importing hundreds of meshes at once in 4.12

4.12 doesn’t appear to be very stable. Anytime I import 100+ objects the editor crashes mid-import.

Is this a known bug?

Also happening in 4.11.2

Hey dmhwtn,

So importing this many meshes via the Import button into the Content Browser is expected to cause issues. You would need a super computer in order to do this successfully, and even then it might take a while or time out.

We recently did add the Full Scene Importer into 4.12, which allows you to take that environment you’ve already constructed in Max / Maya / Blender and import the entire scene into a level in the editor. See documentation below for more information on this newly added feature. This is a different workflow path than simply importing into the content browser.

Release Notes 4.12

With that said, I would personally never suggest importing that many objects into your scene. Break it up into about 5 .fbx files at a time to get your objects to import successfully.

Thank you,