Editor crashes with Vive trackers.

I have access to Epic’s UE rep, but can’t open your fork.

Just saw this
“Make this repository public
Private forks can’t be made public.”

Will try to understand how I can publish my repository and will be back here…

I solved it in a similar way as pekayatt. By adding the missing button names to the InputCoreTypes class. This allows access to the tracker buttons from Blueprint as Generic Steam Trigger, -Touch -Grip or -Menu. Basically how they were named by Epic in the SteamVRControllerKeyNames namespace.

I have added a patch (as .txt) to this post (I cannot link to my Github, as UE is a fork from a private repo). Pull request for those interested: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/pull/4450

[link text][2]

Thank you, I’ll test it with 4.19. The last problem is that it doesn’t separate events from a different Vive Trackers. I.e. we need to have Special_1…9 in an event output param or different events for all trackers like Motion Controller (L) and (R). But it seems like Unreal doesn’t support custom parameters for input events. And different event names is an absolutely terrible idea.

Heyho, any news on the availability?

@pekayatt would love to get my hands on this build - having trouble with this still.

Hi @YuriNK I sent you an email, but it appears there may not be an answer for using more than three Trackers, two Controllers and an HMD. 4.18.3 or 3.19p5 crashes 99% of the time, when it doesn’t, as soon as you press any other button besides the triggers it crashes. Triggers do nothing to actually enable ViveMoCap past the startup menu window. 3T - 2C - 1HMD setup does not crash, but once & awhile triggers have no effect though.

The Vive Roll Changer 1.0 came out 4/24/18 - you can make your Vive tracker into a controller.
I did this and it stopped crashing UE 4.19

Thank you. You also can try my patch: Patch for Vive Trackers support - XR Development - Unreal Engine Forums