Editor crashes with D3D11 error

Ran just fine yesterday. Today it will always crash on project open:

D3D11 max allowed feature level: 11_0
D3D11 adapters:
   0. 'NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070' (Feature Level 11_0)
      8088/0/16356 MB DedicatedVideo/DedicatedSystem/SharedSystem, Outputs:1, VendorId:0x10de
   1. 'Microsoft Basic Render Driver' (Feature Level 11_0)
      0/0/16356 MB DedicatedVideo/DedicatedSystem/SharedSystem, Outputs:0, VendorId:0x1414
Chosen D3D11 Adapter: 0
Creating new Direct3DDevice
InitD3DDevice: -D3DDebug = on
    GPU DeviceId: 0x1b81 (for the marketing name, search the web for "GPU Device Id")
   0. 'NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070' (P:1 D:1)
   1. 'NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070' (P:0 D:0)
   2. 'NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070' (P:0 D:0)
   3. 'NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070' (P:0 D:0)
DebugString: FoundDriverCount:4 
    Adapter Name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
  Driver Version: 471.41 (internal:, unified:471.41)
     Driver Date: 7-12-2021
Texture pool is 5661 MB (70% of 8088 MB)
Failed to query support for 64 bit atomics
RHI does not have support for 64 bit atomics
NvAPI_D3D_GetCurrentSLIState failed: 0xffffffff
Async texture creation enabled
Array index from any shader is supported
Direct3DDevice->QueryInterface( IID_ID3D11InfoQueue, (void**)InfoQueue.GetInitReference()) failed 
 at D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Windows/D3D11RHI/Private/Windows/WindowsD3D11Device.cpp:1990 
 with error E_NOINTERFACE
Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0)

For some reason it thinks my GPU does not match D3D11 feature set andrequirements, which is bonkers, since I run GTX1070 on latets iteration of Win10x64 so I cover all possible software feature set and up to 12.0 HW. I can run Editor with -d3d12 flag but then I lose standalone preview.

This happens both on custom build and vanilla

Have you restarted your machine? When did you actually install those new drivers? Did anything else change (new camera software, changed displays, anything like that?)

No and even if it did it wouldnt make much sense, since it would not affect D3D11 compatibility.

You would think so, wouldn’t you?
Graphics drivers accumulate state bugs with uptime.
Even on modern computers, be then Windows, Mac, or Linux, you have to restart once in a while.
And multiple applications using the drivers at the same time (even in the background) can jiggle system bugs that otherwise wouldn’t be seen.

I’ve had YouTube Music, XSplit VCam, and Cubase all provoke bugs that don’t happen (or happen less) when they are not running. All of those use some graphics resources, and, more importantly, use the graphics drivers in slightly different ways. Meanwhile, IHV testing almost always just test in the context of a single application at a time.

That’s not what that log message is saying. The “64 bit atomics support” is not a requirement for D3D11.
The IID_ID3D11InfoQueue interface not being present may indicate some failure in device initialization earlier on. Note that the documentation for this interface says that you have to turn on debug layer in the D3D setup. If you don’t have that turned on / initialized, then that query won’t work, which might not even be a problem for the engine – you just won’t get told about certain rendering problems.

So, I don’t think you’ve found the correct log messages related to the problem yet. Everything you posted seems okay, at least as if it won’t prevent editor starting.

If I was seeing engine startup problems on this system, and I hadn’t rebooted yet, I would reboot first.
If that doesn’t fix it, and I hadn’t made any other software/hardware changes, then I would try clean uninstall and reinstall of NVIDIA drivers.
If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what I’d try next.

I think the fact I can run it just fine under D3D12 indicates it has nothing to do with some weird 'accumulated drivers bugs" (what?). If this was the case, a lot of D3D11 applications would be affected, including debug ones like Nsight, Intel GPA, etc.

You claim that the log statements mean that “your system doesn’t fulfill D3D11 requirements.”
I’m just trying to help by pointing out that that’s not what those log statements mean. All of those log statements are totally normal on a working D3D11 system.
If you crash on start, there’s something else going on.
If you actually want help diagnosing the crash, you have to actually answer the questions people ask, try the suggestions people suggest, and give more clear and detailed information.

Anyway, it seems you already know what you want to know, so, good luck on your game!