Editor crashes while importing APX/APB clothing file


I’ve got a female character with two separate submeshes requiring cloth simulation.
One part is a skirt below the waist and the other is her hair,

I set up APEX clothing for both pieces in Maya and exported APX files.

Inside Persona, I can import one APX file just fine, however, when I import the second one, the editor crashes.
I sent a crash dump using the built-in bug report tool, but I thought I’d highlight the issue here.

Later, I realized that after importing one APX file if I close Persona, open it again and then import the second APX file, it works. So the issue is when you try to import APX/APB files successively while Personal is open.
I can reproduce it 100% of the time.

I could look into the source myself but I’m running short of time to finish my project so I’d appreciate any help!

I’m using:

UE4 4.1.1 (launcher version)

Maya 2013 x64

APEX plugin version 2.87.01125.00360 for UE3.

I’ve attached the log file which shows an assertion in ApexClothingUtils.cpp.

Thank you!

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Hi xenlock -

I want to look into this issue for you, but I want to try to match your conditions as close as I can. To that end, if you are willing could you upload a copy of your maya files for testing? If not the original can you provide a test version that causes the same error. IN the meantime, I will try to recreate on my end without them.


Eric Ketchum

I can send the files privately to you. Could you please link me to your forum handle? Thanks so much!

Hi xenlock -

We are getting a private FTP server set-up for testing import issues on files, but it is not up yet. I will let you know as soon as it is up and running. In the meantime I am continuing to test some of our assets on my end.

Thank you for your patience.

Eric Ketchum

Hey Xenlock -

My forum handle is the same as my AnswerHub handle. I have information to send you, but I need your forum handle.


Eric Ketchum

Hi xenlock -

Ok so I can finally say that I have confirmed the bug and I have also found you a workaround so you can get everything into the editor.

So import your FBX as normal and open up Persona as normal. Add your 1st Cloth asset only and assign it to the appropriate material. Close the Persona and from the Content Browser save your assets. (Disk icon in the Content Browser) This should be saving your Skeletal Mesh, Animation, Physics asset, and any materials imported with your FBX. Now re-open the mesh in Persona, and add your second cloth asset. It should not crash and will allow you to assign it to a material and save again. You should be good to go and for now, I would make sure that you only import one asset as a time close persona and then save everything.

Thank You for your help tracking this problem down and the model looks amazing we all owed and ahh-ed here.

Let me know if this doesn’t work for you

Best of Luck

-Eric Ketchum

Same issue still exist in 4.2, the easiest fix for this issue is to replace:

to ApexClothingAssetAuthoring->release();

for some unknown reason for me the FPhysCommandHandler::ExecuteCommands() isn’t called after importing.

Hi Pierdek -

Yes this is the fix for the issue and it is working now in an internal QA build but it unfortunately did not make it into the release 4.2 build. If you are compiling from source via GitHub this fix should already been in place.


Eric Ketchum