Editor Crashes when Spawning Anything

This may be a duplicate of some issue (Though I didn’t see any that it could be?) due to ease of reproducability. I also didn’t see if there was a way to post this as an issue report (instead of a question).

Essentially the editor crashes when you attempt to drag anything into the viewport, it almost always crashes the moment the cursor contacts the viewport while dragging something (A blueprint, a simple mesh, etc). This occurs even with a fresh project using the blank template. I’ve seen it not-crash only once out of the some thirty attempts I’ve given it thus far.

The engine is vanilla, no changes - compiled from the 4.26.1 release tag from Github on Manjaro Plasma 20.2.1.

If it is helpful for anyone, one of the crash IDs generated is CrashID=bp-153af993-92e4-4291-8eee-ca0dc2210206

My apologies, I found the correct form just now.

For anyone that finds this later, I think it’s a duplicate of this: 4.26 Crashes when adding static meshes to custom levels - Getting Started - Unreal Engine Forums