Editor crashes when moving mouse over UI


I’m not sure when or what caused it, maybe since updating to 4.5.1, but whenever I open a project, if I bring my mouse over to anything interactable (for example save button, anything in scene outliner, any icon in content browser, etc), whole thing just crashes.

I can move around in viewport without problems, drag camera around etc. It’s just editors UI that’s weird.
If I wait a few seconds before causing crash, it just shuts down. But if I cause crash fast enough after it’s opened, I get a crash report which looks like this

same thing also happens in Project Browser (thing that comes up if you just choose Launch for an Engine.

It also happen with every engine, not just 4.5.1.

I have tried verifying engines, reinstalling engines, and reinstalling all of Unreal Engine.

Thanks for any help!

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