Editor crashes when loading map!

Hi all, I’ve got an issue that I think is rooted in two of my maps: They seem to get stuck on loading at specific percentages: 59 and 64 percent respectively (task manager is telling me that UE is not responding). One map is a duplicated and slightly edited version of the other. There must have been something I did in the map that’s causing the crash, or the file’s corrupted. Is there anything I can do to see what’s going on?

I’m pretty early in my project, so I don’t currently have version control set up.

There most likely is something wrong inside the map, try opening a previous autosave file and see if they work?

Check the logs. See if a particular asset is being loaded when the crash occurs. If so, it’s likely gotten corrupted somehow. Pull the asset out of the content folders and try again. Hopefully it works.

If you can then add the asset back into any template project and it still causes a crash, send that file to Epic in an Answerhub bug report. We’d be interested to take a look at it and see what’s going on.