Editor crashes when importing animation from Houdini

After updating to 4.10.1, every time I try to import an animation (fbx) with bones from Houdini the editor crashes. Importing the same animation in 4.9.2 works fine.

If however I only animate the hierarchy root and not the bones themselves then it imports without crashing - but of course there’s no real use.

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Hi Adrian,

By chance, are any of your bones using a rotation order other than XYZ?


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Thanks for the fast reply.

I’m not sure actually, I cannot find where to specify the bones rotation order in Houdini (I can see it for regular objects)… however I found this post from 2006: VEX Metamarch bug? | Forums | SideFX
“They use a fixed rotation order of ZYX and fixed transform order of SRT. The main reason for this is legacy reasons in the IK solver. Some workarounds include using Null object parents, or just try manually opparm’ing a different rotation order and see what breaks.”

I found an workaround btw: import the animations in 4.9.2, then migrate the assets to 4.10.1 - not very convenient but at least is not a show stopper for us anymore.
Still would be great to get the issue fixed at some point.


ZYX is the one that crashes the editor. Some other users have used that workaround, but I’d like to note that it does not occur in 4.11. Could you download 4.11 Preview and check? I’d like to make sure that it is the issue I’m thinking of(UE-24519).


I have the same problem as the author has with v.4.10.2 but in v.4.11.0 preview exist the follow problem: navigation crashes after saving a project

Hey Artem_Tema,

Can you open a new Answerhub Question for your navigation crash? This sounds completely unrelated.


Hey Williams
In version 4.11 preview 5 this bug was fixed ))
and in this version importing animation from Houdini works without problems ))