Editor crashes when changing media texture

I have a media player and create the corresponding media texture.

Firstly I set media player url to sv2.wmv.

Then I change url to sv.wmv.

Finally, I click play button and editor crash.

ps: I firstly wished to change media texture at runtime. I implemented this logic in blueprint and engine crashed. Then I tried the similar operations in editor and find the crash problem always exists. I think maybe the problem is related with texture size.

Hey Zhang Hongyi,

So the Media Framework has undergone an overhaul for 4.13 so the crash you are experiencing might no longer occur, as calling the media player files to play is a different process.

With that said, can you provide me with your crash logs so I can take a look at the callstack?

Can you also, provide me with some repro steps so I can get the crash to occur on my end?

Thank you,