Editor Crashes when adding new field to Structure

I am trying to add a new field to my Item structure and UE4 just crashes.

Here is the report:

My ItemsForTradeStructure and TradingStructure are compiled.

Is there any easy way to fix this?

After this post I closed my project. Deleted my Saved folder and then restarted my computer.

After that I opened up my project and then opened up both Itemsfortrade struct and TradingSession Struct, saved both.

Opened my Item Struct and I was able to add a new field.

Posting here over 2 years later to say thanks, this fixed issues for me.

Awesome!!! What engine version were you on?

Removing the Saved folder solves my problem too!
UE 4.25 and 4.25 preview 5

Deleting Saved folder doesn’t help. Editor crashes as soon as I add a new variable to my struct. UE4 4.26.

Edit: Here’s a workaround for 4.26 if deleting the “Saved” folder doesn’t help:

Migrate structure to other project. Do your changes to the structure in other project. Close your actual projects editor. Migrate structure back to original project.