Editor crashes on "Save All" with any changes

I recently got an SSD and decided to reinstall Windows 10 Pro on it. Starting fresh, I installed Unreal Engine and all my usual dev tools. On my previous install of Windows, I had been creating a game with UE4 version 4.12. On my new install of Windows, I installed UE4 version 4.21 and opened/converted my 4.12 project. Everything seemed to work well, all my C++ code compiled, and the editor allowed editing of my game. However, upon saving my project via “Save All”, it crashes while displaying “Saving LevelName”. I’ve tried creating a separate empty level and then trying to save that; I get the same crash. I also tried using “Fixup Redirectors” on my content folder and that appears to succeed but doesn’t solve the crashing on save issue.

I just want to report that my problem seems to be solved by following these steps:

  1. Create a new project using version 4.21
  2. Open old 4.12 project in Editor version 4.21
  3. Choose “Migrate” on the content folder.
  4. Choose the new project’s content folder as the destination
  5. Open new 4.21 project in Editor version 4.21 and problem is solved

While I lose all my project settings and other such things, at least I still have all my assets, code, and levels working. This seems to be a bug as the conversion process from 4.12 to 4.21 should have automatically fixed any migration issues. However, my problem does seem solved, Thanks.