Editor crashes every 10-15 minutes and whilst saving

I’m experiencing very frequent crashes whilst working on a large scale project.
The editor will crash every 10-15 minutes usually whilst saving/autosaving and almost always at the end of a lighting build.
The project makes use of level streaming with all the game’s levels streamed into one master level; I’m working in a sublevel, i don’t know if that could have anything to do with it?

My pc specs are as follows;

-Intel i7-5960X

-nVidia GTX 980ti


I have attached the log from the last crash also.


  • Could you please cause the crash to occur again and provide your Machine ID and ensure to hit Send & Close on the Crash Reporter window (if you’re getting one).
  • Does this happen if you open a copy of the project in 4.13?


first of all, you should probably fix that one:

[2016.09.01-13.22.44:295][625]LogScriptCore:Warning: Divide by zero
Script call stack:
	Function /Game/SYREN_Blueprints/TeleportArea.TeleportArea_C:UserConstructionScript

Also some other issues in the log like

[2016.09.01-13.26.43:195][479]MapCheck:Error: Error SkyLight2_2 Multiple sky lights are active, only one can be enabled per world. 
[2016.09.01-13.26.43:195][479]MapCheck:Error: Error SkyLight_1 Multiple sky lights are active, only one can be enabled per world. 

or some instances of

[2016.09.01-13.26.43:195][479]MapCheck:Warning: Warning BP_ButtonObject11 Static mesh actor has NULL StaticMesh property 

I would recommend going through these issues and others in the log, and see if the crashes still happen.

Also, could you paste the info you got in the crash popup itself? maybe there’s something in there that could help.