Editor crashes at Undo on either landscape, foliage, bp's, placing objects, etc


I’ve been lately in all version- Maybe since 4.7 but only used 4.6 for a few days until it updates.

So here’s the bug. In my project when i press Undo on either landscape, foliage, bp’s, placing objects, etc. There’s a high chance of having a crash. I can’t give you a crashreport as i need to force close in Windows Task manager in order to close it.

This bug is been there quite a lot lately and made me loose quite some progress at times. However i know it’s going to crash soon so i try to save as often as i can but this really ins’t a fun way to work. Certainly not when doing more-advanced Blueprinting.

This is a Binary build from the Engine Launcher, The version doesn’t matter really.

My system specs are:
MSI z77A-G45 Motherboard
Intel i7 3770K 3.5Ghz
16Gb DDR 3 Ram Corsair
Gtx Geforce 670 Ftw 4GB edition
1.5TB HDD- The project files are on this disk.

Could someone see why this bug is happening?

i have the very same issue but when undoing extrudes with BSP

Haven’t had that one yet. Maybe since i’m not working with BSP too much :slight_smile:

Hi CelPlays,

Does this occur in a clean project with no additional content?


This apparently doesn’t happen on other projects. Then why is my other project so clumpy? I can’t recall changing editor settings.

Is there a file or image i can show that could help you?

Besides this my engine also crash/freezes when it saves. 1 chance out of 3 that when it’s saving it gets stuck at 57% (Serializing bulk data) And has a chance of unstuck after minutes. But this isn’t really something that’s amusing me either. I also stream some progress i make on twitch and some people are getting annoyed as well that i crash every 15-30 minutes on stream, sometimes i don’t crash for 2 hours but i always crash once. When i develop wen offline-not streaming- this still occurs so it’s nothing that related.

One thing i’ve noticed is that Ue4 gradually takes up my ram. After 2h it easily is at 8b ram usage while at the beginning i’m just at 2-4gb(Big project so that’s normal i think). But while looking at my ram usage i see second increments usage on the unreal engine.

Sorry for the lot of text but want to give as many info as i can.

Kind regards!

It may be a specific object that you have in your content browser. Try taking everything except your maps out of your content browser, then go and make a change in the map and undo. Do you experience any crashes after doing this? Additionally, are you using the hotkeys to undo or are you going up to Edit>Undo?

Taking out all the objects is quite huge. There’s textures connected and character meshes and other more complex meshes. Not too sure if taking all of them out will do any good to my project.
And it’s CTRL+Z, I do have quick reflexes and sometimes i might click crtl+z too fast which might crash it?

However on note- This also occurs after being idle for 2 minutes and undo an action.

Any update?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce this on my end. Do you have any steps I can take that specifically cause this crash to occur?

I wouldn’t know how to cause this error. I’m sorry for that as i don’t know when this started occurring but it started quite early as far i can remember. I do stream all progress i make so i might go into my old video’s and see what causes it. If there’s no way to reproduce this error. Is there a way to fix this by creating a new project but migrating my map and all texture layers and my blueprint system(It’s not because of that since i just recently started doing blueprints.) Those are the 3 main things i need. I can miss quite the rest of it, maybe some meshes i’d still like it in but i can redo all those in an hour. The big part of my map is landscape and blueprint system(Stamina, Psyche, Mood, health, main menu) That doesn’t require meshes too much except a tiny thing i could just redo.

All i need to be certain of is that the Landscape will keep it’s exact form and exact textures as it’s 30+ hours of progress on that one.

You can certainly do that, though to be safe I would create a copy of the data instead of cut/paste. That way if the data ends up damaged it is just a copy and not your original work. Additionally, try slowly using ctrl+z. I haven’t been able to crash by spamming undo, however I might just not be as fast as you are when hitting the keys so if it is caused by spamming quickly I might just not be fast enough.

Hi Celplays,

We have not heard from you in several days. I am marking this thread as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information.