Editor crashes at startup when I change one blueprint

​​Hello, I was working in this project a couple of weeks now, and now when I make **any **change to one of my blueprints (even if it is a cosmetic change, like moving the position of a node, that doesn´t require to recompile) and save it, I am not able to get into the Editor again, because it crashes completely when starting.
Luckily I am using perforce, so I made many tests, but nothing seems to work.

I also tried migrating the used content to a new project, and even without perforce, but every time happens the same.


I am including also the Log files from the Error: (167 KB)

Thank you !!,

I created a clean Level, not using that blueprint. After modifying something in the blueprint, saving, and loading again, it loads the new clean map, but as soon as I try to open any blueprint that contains the one with the problem the Editor crashes without any message.

I am trying now an older version of the blueprint, but I need to know if someone knows, what could cause that type of error, so I can avoid it, if not is very probable for me to make the same thing and get the same problem…


I corrected the problem using perforce but never found what was the problem… hope to not have it again or to find what it was…

I recently came a somewhat similar issue with a EAV error, and it turned out the culprit was as easy as replacing the GameEngine.ini with a working one.

I will go back in Perforce and try it, and see if it works for me too… thanks…

Thank you, but It didn´t in my case… same error, I will keep working and see if the problem appears again, and check if I found what was in my case…