Editor crash whith animated fbx

I has susses import animated mesh, as usually.
But! When i try to open animation http://i.imgur.com/P6r7uwu.png editor crash!
But, if i drop it to scene - works, dont crush, only crush when openning assets settings.

Your screenshot does not say much but I think you are running into the same issue as here:[Linux] Crash when opening skeletal mesh - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums (roughly).
There is a linked PR in my response, the same changes on the same files should work the same for 4.14 too. If you want to recompile it with those changes you should be mostly good to go (There are some other issues with the animation/skeletal editors in 4.14 that will cause the crash later on or for a different reason. Everything regarding this seems to be fixed in the Master version, so next release hopefully).

The bug created for this is Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-38790)

Thank you
I read by link
Tell me, i need recompile from master branch?

That is not an easy thing to say. Depends on what you are doing there are multiple solutions to the issue.

  • If you have an existing project you probably have to wait for the next release or somehow downgrade to 4.13.2 which should have everything working as expected. Not sure how downgrade of a project would be done.
  • If you are just playing with the engine to learn it you can either compile the 4.13.2 branch which should work.
  • Or yes you can compile the master branch, which may or may not work as it is the place where active development happens and does have its own set of issues, and in this case you would still need to patch this bug (using the linked PR - it is an easy code change, just adding lines into the correct function no removal or edit of current code)

Me personally I do use the master branch to check out and learn new stuff as it does work. I even have all my projects in the version 4.16(the current master) so going to older version is not an option for me.

ok, i has compiled 4.16

same crash…

[test fbx1

There is a crash log in the MyProject/Saved/Logs (or somewhere around there). Would provide more details. I will test your fbx in the evening. But can you try opening the Mannequin animation that comes with the default projects? Might need to create a different one(TopDown project for example). If it crashes you did not apply the changes in this PR correctly: Fix persona linux crash UE-38790 #3037

i’m updated to latest git master
a bug is still here :frowning:

Do you have the log of the crash(It is located in the project folder/save)?