Editor crash while using Non-Standalone Persona editor to create PoseAsset

Hi, while using Persona with Non-Standalone editors in 4.14, the application will crash when trying to create PoseAssets from the UI button within Persona.

Set UI to Non-Standalone (Old) Persona:

  1. Launch UE 4.14
  2. Navigate to Edit>Editor Preferences
  3. In the pop up dialog navigate to the Content Editors header, and select Animation Editor
  4. Scroll to the bottom of this menu page and click the second checkbox from the bottom labeled Use Standalone Animation Editors
  5. Close Editor Preferences

Causing Crash:

  1. Open the Content Browser, navigate to an Animation Sequence Asset, and double click on it to open Persona
  2. From the ribbon UI at the top of Persona, select Create Asset, when this dropdown opens hover over Create PoseAsset. The application will pause for a beat, then crash and produce an error report.


Hi CampionJK,

I was able to reproduce your crash. However, the option for Standalone Animation Editors is no longer available in 4.15 onward. I was going to enter a bug report for this, but since there is a clear workaround(Use Standalone Anim Editors) and it is deprecated in the next build it would not garner a hotfix for 4.14.

Hi ,
Apologies I wasn’t able to get the call stack to you sooner (I was away from a computer), but thank you for continuing to look into this and finding the info about it being deprecated,