Editor crash while loading

I cannot iniciarn Unreal Editor, it does not happen from 35 %, use macboock proo with captain

Hi there,

The first time you open the editor it will need to compile all of the shaders first. This only happens the first time you run a new editor version.

When loading it will seem like it is frozen at 45% (sometimes 35% and 95% too), but it is not actually frozen. It can take anywhere from 5 to 15+ minutes depending on your CPU speed.

Just open it and then let it sit for a little while, it will load up properly when shaders have completed compiling.

Hello, I do not advance mas of 35 %, and the program gives me the following message of mistake.

Thank you very much

Hi solidos

With the editor/launcher closed, try this:

Navigate to the “Go” menu and press Command + Option to reveal the “Library” listing

Navigate to Library/Application Support/Epic/UnrealEngine/4.12/DerivedDataCache/)

Delete the “DerivedDataCache” directory

Try launching the editor

Let us know if this resolved the issue.