Editor crash when setting custom tooltip widget


I’m experiencing issues when trying to use a custom tooltip widget. The tooltip widget has a text variable and a slate brush.
On construct of a inventory slot widget I set the tooltip variables. It’s here that the editor crashes when I play the game. When the widget is created and set as the custom tooltip it causes a crash.

Anyone know why? It’s quite an annoying issue, because I would love to use the custom tooltip widget feature.


I managed to narrow down the cause of the crash to breaking a struct and getting class defaults.

When I connect the wires here it crashes the game when playing (when construct fires). Is there some obvious reason for this I’m not aware of? Or is it really a bug?

Does it crash even without your custom event? 'caus i’ve got the same crash issues when creating widget

Yep, if I only connect construct it still crashes.

I had breakpoints to see where it crashes : the widget works, i can use it to open an other one and it works too.
My second widget is editable and do nothing till i press a button, but while i’m editing it the fatal error come back and it crashes without apparent reason and I’ve got nowhere to put breakpoint 'caus nothing is called at that moment…

what I have found so far talk about a bug, some got the solution of “Reset Layout” but it doesn’t work for me

But does the editor crash with you or the game? Because with me the editor doesn’t crash, only the game once I run it and itexecutes the code where the widget is created and applied as the custom tooltip widget. The crash happens right when I break the struct and get the class defaults. I break this struct and get class defaults on countless other places in my game’s code and it doesn’t cause any other crashes outside of the tooltip one which makes it very strange and probably a bug.

I hope a dev sees this and can help me with a work around because I’m quite in need of the custom tooltip widget feature.

It crashes when i play the level in the editor to test the widget.

Do you have n error’s message or it just freeze/close?

It just crashes completely. Maybe there are errors, but I can’t see them sadly due to the crash.

Bump. I’d still like help with this issue.

do you have reparent your widget to PrimalUI ?

what version of the engine are you using? if it is 4.16 there may be bugs like this so report it on answer hub as a bug.

try doing the widget creation in on event begin play. it could be an issue that event construct is breaking it.