Editor crash when saving a specific blueprint

Hi There

I’ve been having an issue with the editor crashing when saving the progress I’ve done on a specific blueprint, called Gameboard. At first I thought it may have became corrupted but the crash only occurs when I add additional content into the blueprint like more macros, nodes and stuff. If I just edit or change the content that is already in the blueprint, then saving doesn’t cause a crash.

Any help on this issue would be great .

I’ve attached a link to my log below.
link text

Going to remake the blueprint that causing the crash on save, hopefully that’ll fix the issue.

So I spent almost 2 weeks remaking the blueprint, hoping the issue was that the original blueprint was corrupted, reached almost the exact same point as last time and the crash on save issue started up again. Compiling isn’t bringing up any errors so I’m not really sure what the issue could be other than blueprints struggle when they become too large/complex or that the way I’ve made the blueprint is causing a problem somehow.

Any help would be great. Crash log attached below.
link text

Creating a new, empty project and migrating my content over solved this issue.