Editor crash when pressing play after hot-reload

[link text][1]When I compile the code using the hot-reload function and I press play the editor crashes and breaks in Visual Studio (see attachment), this happens every time we hot-reload.

If we then build and launch we can play again.

What are the possible reasons why this happens and what might be the solution?
We’ve been stuck with this for a while and are touching in the dark atm.
[link text][2]

The image you attached does not give much details about what is happening aside from there being an assertion in smart pointer code.
It would help if you could include a (textual) copy of your callstack at the point of the crash.

I added the call stack log but there isn’t much in there.

Symbols should be visible if you load them in the debugger.
All build configurations do produce corresponding .PDB files which you can load in the debugger.

Updated the text file