Editor crash when destroying Capsule component with RVO avoidance

I think i have found two bugs, but not quite sure if it just me doing something wrong.
first is that if i try to destroy capsule component, with RVO avoidance enabled for an AI, editor crashes. Destroying capsule works fine when RVO is off.

Also my editor crashes if i try to use AI-debug when AI-perception has a sense that is set to none.

Are you destroying capsule component that comes as a part of ACharacter? You should not destroy any components that come as part of an ACharacter. Bad things will happen. (In fact, you should probably never destroy any components on any actor unless they were dynamically added while game was running.)

Hi Thorreign,

Thanks for report! I’ll be looking into this further on Monday when we get into office, but it would be helpful if you can copy information in Crash Reporter when both of these crashes occur, including Machine ID so we can look it up here, and hit Send. It sounds like there may be two separate crashes, so please do so for both. If you could also grab logs from project’s Saved\Logs folder after each crash, please attach them here. Make sure to specify which is which. Thanks!

Hi Thorreign,

Sorry for delay in getting back to you, but we were able to reproduce this crash internally and I’ve created a bug report for issue (UE-20467). I’ll post here when I see any update on it. Thanks for report!