Editor crash when deleting referenced blueprint array variable

Branch: Binary

Build version: 4.2.1-2101290

System Specs:


When I delete a specific blueprint variable from my blueprint, my editor crashes. I’m able to reproduce this every time with steps outlined below. I wrote a backup utility ([timedog][2]) that watches my working directory for changes. When I encounter a crash, I revert to last restore point and then figure out how to reproduce crash.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download archive of project at restore point immediately before crash: https://s3.amazonaws.com/limbx/crashlog/LimbxFlyer.crash.1404327504.
  2. Do not restore previously open assets
  3. Double click RingManager blueprint in Content Browser
  4. Open event graph
  5. Right click on Rings array variable, click on Find References
  6. Delete all nodes Get Rings nodes (and related Length nodes)
  7. Delete all ForEachLoop nodes connected to Rings nodes
  8. Delete all Break VisiblePathRing nodes
  9. Do not save during this process
  10. After all references have been deleted, right click on Rings array variable again and click Delete
  11. editor should hang, then crash. Unzip and replace working directory to restore to pre-crash state and follow these steps again to reproduce crash.
  12. Right clicking on and deleting Rings variable succeeds after reopening editor after crash.

Crash log: [link text][3]

Steps to reproduce video: - YouTube

Hey piinecone,

link you provided doesn’t work. Can you try it again? Thanks!

Hey ! Give it a try now. I think I made that whole S3 dir public.

Got it! I’ll take a look and then make sure we get right people on these. Thanks!

Sweet, thanks! I think I’m definitely doing something wrong with this particular Blueprint, and now that I can rewind/replay you guys can get useful project states and reproduction steps. Yeah!

Hey piinecone,

Sorry, but I wasn’t able to reproduce this one. I tried on both Mac and PC to no avail. I’ll try digging into this a little further to see what could cause that, but I don’t see why it would happen on your system and not on mine. Could you attach crash logs for this one? Thanks!

I think you have to take very specific steps to reproduce this crash. I attached a video to original post as well as crash logs generated from crash in video. Let me know if that helps!

I tried again, this time following steps you took in video, and I still did not crash. It seems like you crashed following different steps or at a different step in process in video than what you described. Do you get same crash each time?

Almost – I either make it to end of my little deletion spree and then crash deleting variable itself, or I crash on my way there. Weird that you can’t reproduce it, I’m able to do it every time. I wonder if it’s possible that my machine is just in a weird state. In any case, I’ll try again today after a restart when I recreate other crash to get logs for you.

Hey piinecone,

Just checking in to see if this crash is still occurring for you in 4.3. If so, please attach crash logs when you get a chance. Thanks!

I haven’t experienced this crash since 4.3. I’ll let you know if it resurfaces. Thanks!