Editor crash when compiling component blueprint

If you have a blueprint inherit from any PrimitiveComponent class there is an internal compiler error

Repro steps using 4.18.2

  1. create a new blueprint
  2. from All Classes select InstancedStaticMeshComponent as the base class
  3. open the new blueprint
  4. click the Compile button
  5. notice the editor crashes

Inspecting the callstack in a debugger it appears to be evaluating the editcondition of “bOverrideMass” on the MassInKgOverride property of FBodyInstance

It’s not that specific class… anything that descends from PrimitiveComponent has the problem. We originally encountered the problem with a class that inherits from SphereComponent

the chain of events seems to be SEditConditionWidget::Construct copies a pointer into PropertyEditor shared pointer… but this data contains struct FPropertyConditionInfo data which has a naked (uint8* BaseAddress) pointer which gets garbage collected (0xdddddddd) during compile right before it is evaluated

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Apparently this issue is fixed in 4.19