Editor Crash at PlayGame

it crashed at “OutputDevice.cpp” line 186

which is " FPlatformMisc::DebugBreak();" function;

and the error information is like following:

The thread 0x2d00 has exited with code
0 (0x0). The thread 0x2520 has exited
with code 0 (0x0).
New page: Pre-PIE auto-recompile
[PIE] Compiling SimpleTestLevel before
[2014.10.20-03.30.11:154][199]LogBlueprint:Warning: [compiler] Warning Unable to find
function with name
‘GetVector3CenteredWithTime’ for Get
Vector 3Centered with Time
[2014.10.20-03.30.11:157][199]LogBlueprint:Warning: [compiler] Warning [0229.15] Compile
of SimpleTestLevel successful, but
with 1 Warning(s) [in 6 ms]
PIE: Blueprint regeneration took 4077
ms (1 blueprints)
[2014.10.20-03.30.14:345][199]PIE: New
page: PIE session: SimpleTestLevel
(Oct 20, 2014, 7:30:14 PM)
PIE: StaticDuplicateObject took:
PIE: World Init took: (0.000815s)
PIE: Created PIE world by copying
editor world from
[2014.10.20-03.30.15:212][199]LogWorld: Game class is ‘ShooterGame_FreezeTag’
The thread 0x343c has exited with code
0 (0x0).
[2014.10.20-03.30.17:312][199]LogAIModule: Creating AISystem for world
SimpleTestLevel Ensure condition
failed: false
[Line: 744] Template Mismatch during
attachment. Attaching instanced
component to template component.
Parent ‘SceneComponent’ Self
‘JumpPadComp’ UE4Editor.exe has
triggered a breakpoint.

If you go to the log file (ProjectName->Saved->Logs->ProjectName.txt) it should tell you the crash along with an error message there to inform you of why.

thank you I will try