Editor crash after stop play

So after I stop playing, I get the following error:


No minidump found for this crash.

All I have in my scene, is a single blueprint that adds one instance to an instanced static mesh. It’s a fresh, blueprint project aswell.

Hey Brainshack,

Please zip and attach the crash logs for your project after it crashes. You can find them here:


It may also be helpful if you can upload the project somewhere, like Dropbox, and get us a link so we can check it out. Thanks!

Hey Ben,

thanks for pointing that out:

Here is one of the log:

I think i found the problem. The mobility of one of the InstancedStaticMeshComponents was set to Movable.

The error in the log that made me check this was the following:

Failed to destroy physics state

It seems to work now.

Thanks for guiding me towards the right direction and maybe you can file a bug report so this can get fixed? Should be reproducable by making a BP, adding a ISM Component which uses the default pillar mesh that comes with the starter content, add an instance to it, PIE and stop again.

If you still want me to upload the project, let me know.



The problem appeard both in construction script and on begin play. The weird thing is, that I am neither able to reproduce the problem again, even if I switch back the mobility to movable…

Thanks Chris, glad you got around it.

I am still not able to reproduce the issue internally, however. Are you adding an Instance on Begin Play, or in the Construction Script? If you can post a screenshot of the graph setup, I can go from there. Thanks!

That’s okay. I’m going to mark this post as resolved for now. Let me know if this occurs again for you and we’ll reopen it and continue investigation. Thanks!